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Cheesy side of change management

Cheesy side of change management

Cheesy side of change management

March 26, 2010 Administrator 0 Comments

A friend of mine recently passed onto me a booked titled “Who Moved My Cheese?” which outlines how to deal with change in your work and in your life. It is business fable that follows the lives of four characters: two mice, “Sniff” and “Scurry,” and two mini humans , “Hem” and “Haw” who live in a maze.

This is not a review of Who Moved My Cheese but as I was reading this book, it got me thinking about change, specifically change management, and the role it plays in making the implementation of a workforce management solution a success or otherwise. I have experienced firsthand a project which failed not because of technology or shortcomings in the solution, but because the solution was not accepted by the field; this is in addition to the anecdotes and well documented failures related to change management.

As important as it is to select the right workforce management solution (quick note: the importance here is to select a solution not purely on pricing i.e. this solution is the cheapest, but selecting a solution that meets your requirements and provide value for money ; I prefer the model where the operational side, along with IT, selects the workforce management solution that meets their needs and then leaves it to procurement to negotiate the best deal), change management is as important in order to increase the chances of a successful implementation.

Change management is not only important for the people out in the field or for people working out on the shop floor (e.g. keeping them abreast of what changes are coming, involving them early on in the changes, sharing with them what is in it for them etc.) but also for people throughout the organisation e.g. CSRs that are booking appointments with customers, field resource managers, dispatchers, shift planners and even management that was not involved in the selection process of the workforce management solution.

Important note: change management is not only important when implementing a new solution, be it a workforce management solution or not, but when implementing any new process.

Please share your change management stories and best practices by commenting on this blog!

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