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Changing Perception by Focusing on the Benefits

Changing Perception by Focusing on the Benefits

Changing Perception by Focusing on the Benefits

April 28, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

“Do you remember last week when we read in the paper that taxes may increase by 15%?” I’m back in the 9th grade listening to my social studies teacher. He is holding up today’s newspaper. “Today they announced that instead of a 15% increase, they’ve managed to reduce it to only 7%. How many of you are pretty relieved by this?” We all raise our hands. He looks disappointed. “They’ve successfully altered your expectations by changing what you are comparing. Right now you are comparing the 7% tax increase to the 15% increase. Forget about the 15%. Remember, they’re still raising taxes by 7%!”

It’s interesting how our perceptions change based on what we focus on. Us students saw a 7% hike instead of a 15% hike. Our teacher saw a 7% hike. What I experienced in my 7th grade social studies class was similar to what I saw recently with a client.

The client implemented a pilot phase of ClickSchedule. While most stakeholders were excited and have seen significant benefits, the technicians weren’t happy. Why did they have to be micro managed? They only saw that instead of managing their own day, they now had to physically call their dispatcher to report the start and finish of each assignment.

The 7% tax instead of the 15%: Next we are implementing ClickMobile. Technicians were excited to learn that they’ll no longer need to call their dispatcher. Instead, they only have to push one button on their mobile device to change statuses. They could still perceive this as micro managing, but now they’re happy that the process will be easy.

We’re back in the 9th grade. One of the students raises his hand. “But isn’t the tax increase to fund education? So while we have to pay more, we realize a benefit.” Now we were starting to look at the whole picture.

Once the technicians got past the initial micro managing concern, they soon realized that there are many benefits to using the new system. For example, moving from a labor intensive, paper-based timesheet process to automatic tracking. And knowing where the other technicians are in case they require assistance.

It’s interesting how we change our perceptions as we go through a process. We can either focus on the fact that our taxes are being raised by 7%, or we can understand that those taxes will go towards education. It’s up to us to help our technicians understand this bigger picture.

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