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Change Like a Champ: Top Tips for Successful Change Management

Change Like a Champ: Top Tips for Successful Change Management

Change Like a Champ: Top Tips for Successful Change Management

August 28, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Successful technology initiatives require more than the creation and monitoring of project plans that target on time, in budget, and high quality delivery. Without properly addressing stakeholder buy-in, or change management, it can hinder your ROI, bring the overall project to a complete halt, or even result in expensive follow-up projects.


When it comes to change management, the goal is to achieve sustainable stakeholder buy-in in order to realize the planned benefits of the project.  Also, to reduce the project team’s challenge, which is already significant, we need to enable them by building the proper change management plan, so they can realize this stakeholder buy-in.

The process to achieve successful change management can be complicated and requires many skills, including those not typically sought after in project teams such as marketing, and psychology.  There is no magic formula, but over the years, I’ve found some specific tactics that work well. I will discuss these points in more detail during a roundtable I’m hosting at the upcoming ClickConnect conference in San Diego. I welcome your input in advance or during the roundtable if you can attend.

We will discuss why people resist change and how their resistance can be reduced by focusing on four key elements: plan, communicate, motivate and educate. We can also discuss specific ideas that you may have, or even do some collaborative brainstorming on a given topic.

Hopefully you will walk away with some ideas for a successful result: A higher level of stakeholder buy-in and ownership of the new way of doing things, so your project realizes sustainable, quantifiable benefits.

I hope you can join us!

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