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CeBIT 2015: The Connected Economy Moves Closer to Reality

CeBIT 2015: The Connected Economy Moves Closer to Reality

CeBIT 2015: The Connected Economy Moves Closer to Reality

March 20, 2015 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

With the Connected Economy and Industry 4.0 the talk of the show, it’s been noted that for adoption to move forward, organizations will need to turn a windfall of data into actionable information. Leading the industry in the race to enable a more informed workforce, ClickSoftware teamed with Samsung at Cebit 2015 to present its Mobile Workforce solution on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, providing the building blocks for connected service organizations.

smartmachineThe Mobile Workforce solution on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is one of the first tangible examples of the Connected Economy coming to fruition. Last year Cisco produced a report which predicted that up until 2022, $14.4 trillion of value is available for enterprises globally to participate in the IoT and the Connected Economy.

Hong Won-pyo, president and chief marketing officer of Samsung Electronics, noted this week, “As more and more businesses adopt the IoT, we have a great opportunity to enhance customer value with increased productivity and profit. In order to accelerate IoT adoption in businesses, it is urgent to overcome the challenges of platform compatibility, data analysis, and security.”

How do organizations gain these benefits in the field?
By implementing ClickSoftware’s solutions, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active customers will improve key business functionality while improving the customer experience through: integrated and streamlined communications with customers and the back office, advanced attention to customer intelligence in the moment it’s needed, fleet and employee management and optimized, real-time scheduling optimization.

CeBitSamsungWorking closely with partners such as Samsung, ClickSoftware enables customers to deliver the highest level of service optimization, while successfully delivering on every moment of the service process. By taking mobility a step further, and implementing the full suite of ClickSoftware solutions, organizations can fully utilize mobile benefits along with forecasting, planning, shift management and analytics features.

Using connected technology in this way will help to optimize staff and improve the overall customer experience.

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