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Vivint Embraces New Technology and Optimizes Scheduling

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Vivint Embraces New Technology and Optimizes Scheduling

Vivint creates smart home solutions, such as home security, energy management, and home automation. In other words, they create homes with connected “smart” appliances that can be controlled remotely and automatically. As more consumers rely on smart devices such as thermostats and security systems, it's increasingly important that these devices work. Otherwise, it disrupts the consumer's daily life. Before implementing ClickSoftware solutions, most of Vivint'...
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Haley Bucelewicz | April 17, 2017

Black Hills Energy Improves Communication with Customers

Black Hills Energy provides gas and electricity for residential customers across eight different states. Utilities Systems Manager Dave Mutchler recognized the ...
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Haley Bucelewicz | March 22, 2017

Diebold Nixdorf Automates Scheduling and Provides Visibility for Customers

Diebold Nixdorf is the largest global manufacturer and servicer of financial self-service equipment. Like any capital equipment organization, their customers re...
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ClickSoftware | April 19, 2016

What Is Staff Scheduling and Planning?

Staff scheduling and planning consumes hours of managers’ and dispatchers’ time. Staff scheduling and planning does not simply entail filling out a calendar...
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Howard Lear | April 5, 2016

What Is Dispatch Management?

For organizations and enterprises managing field service personnel and fleets, dispatch management is a critical business component. Dispatch management softwar...
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ClickSoftware | March 1, 2016

Employee Scheduling and Planning – A definition

Employee scheduling and planning are two of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job. They also just so happen to be two of the most important, because...
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ClickSoftware | February 23, 2016

Missed Commitments: How to clean up the mess they make – like a boss

One of the greatest challenges service organizations face is the inevitable schedule change. Even the best person or application can only consider the informati...
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Howard Lear | February 16, 2016

What Is Shift Management?

A Definition of Shift Management Any company or organization that runs two or three work shifts per day handles shift management. Setting the shift schedule ...
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Howard Lear | February 9, 2016

Mobile Technology: The Future of Schedule Management

Up until earlier this year, I was totally ignorant of the usefulness of mobile technology in the workplace. My first clue regarding its usefulness was about fiv...
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