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48 Things Your Field Techs Can Do with a Mobile Phone

Most Recent Post | Dana Liberty

48 Things Your Field Techs Can Do with a Mobile Phone

Your techs should be using their mobile phones like little portable offices. And with all the apps available out there, they can virtually do everything in the field without even having to come to the office. That means more quality time with customers and certainly a better customer experience. We put together a list of 48 things that your field techs can do with apps on their mobile phone from the field. Each one of these apps is available now online and can be downloaded instantly. And I’m...
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Robert Stanley | July 9, 2015

Mobile Apps in the Workforce: Overcoming Challenges to Reap the Benefits of a Fully Mobile Workforce

As more companies and organizations go mobile, executives and managers need solutions for better managing field workers, office staff, and back-office functions...
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ClickSoftware | October 30, 2014

Field Service and the Holy Triangle: 4G LTE, Mobile Devices, and User Apps

Author: Kerry Doyle Broad numbers of field service organizations are adopting cloud services and embracing mobile solutions. This trend is achieving widespre...
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ClickSoftware | September 10, 2014

What Can the New iPhone and Apple Watch Do For Field Service?

Author: Gil Bouhnick, VP of Mobility The answer is: it depends. You probably don’t need the duo immediately, but the features are such that for workers out...
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Kristin Amico | June 4, 2014

12 On-the-Clock Reasons to Use a Mobile Timesheet App

The old saying “time is money” has even more relevance with the growing shift to mobility in the enterprise. Through time-saving, and simplifying apps, mobi...
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Kristin Amico | May 1, 2014

ClickSoftware Wins IBM Impact Mobile App Throwdown

We are thrilled to announce that SHOUT, ClickSoftware’s innovative collaboration app, is the winner of the IBM Impact Mobile App Throwdown. The competition wa...
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Kristin Amico | April 28, 2014

SHOUT, Collaborate and Listen at IBM Impact

Did you know 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time? In a world that revolves around mobile technologies, the time is now t...
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Robert Stanley | February 26, 2014

Top 52 Customer Service Mobile Apps

Most businesses are constantly striving for ways to improve processes, deliver better service, provide a better experience for their customers and generally m...
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ClickSoftware | November 7, 2013

Keep Workers Happy with Simple Apps

Modern mobility has impacted the entire software world and has put users in the center. User Experience, once a theoretical term that only the best in class ...
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