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Predictive Travel: Can You Afford Not to See the Future?

Most Recent Post | Paul Whitelam

Predictive Travel: Can You Afford Not to See the Future?

Most people, when asked about predicting the future, might joke about using the ability to get rich: bet on a winning team, invest in the right startup, pick lucky lottery numbers. This is fantasy, of course, but the idea that anticipating what’s next can be good for the wallet is very sound. Service organizations with workers in the field are constantly trying to improve efficiency and reduce costs. When they can’t accurately forecast demand, they might end up with too few workers to addres...
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Mike Karlskind | January 4, 2017

How to Make 3 Simple Route Optimization Theories a Reality

According to Aberdeen, average technician idle time was as high as 40% just a few short years ago. That means 3.2 hours of every technician’s day was wasted....
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Mike Karlskind | October 25, 2016

Why Predictive Travel Brings More Value to Field Service

Humans can’t predict the future. That’s why even the most fleshed-out dispatch schedule doesn’t always work out. It’s often the expected but unpredictab...
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ClickSoftware | September 19, 2016

ClickSoftware Partners to Deliver Augmented Reality and Fleet Management Solutions

On a mission to extend the definition of field service management, ClickSoftware, the leading provider of field service management software, announced two strat...
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ClickSoftware | October 4, 2010

What drives the ROI for fleet management?

It seems that every organization whose operation requires a fleet of cars is seriously considering investing in a fleet management system which, among other fea...
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