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Mobile Technology: The Future of Schedule Management

Most Recent Post | Howard Lear

Mobile Technology: The Future of Schedule Management

Up until earlier this year, I was totally ignorant of the usefulness of mobile technology in the workplace. My first clue regarding its usefulness was about five months ago when I was having problems with my oven. I called the call center and sat on hold for 20 minutes. However, once I finally got through to an agent, the experience was totally different. The service call information was sent to me via a text message, as was a reminder the day of the actual call. The technician showed up on time...
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Dana Liberty | January 14, 2016

Our Secret Recipe for Building Incredible Enterprise Apps

Accelerating Innovation to Our Customers via the AppExchange Up until recently, enterprise apps seemed like they were still stuck in the Stone Age [some of the...
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ClickSoftware | January 13, 2016

Can cloud and mobility really do great things for the field services or are they just more meaningless buzzwords?

As words like ‘cloud’ and ‘mobility’ are tossed around the technology industry, it becomes harder for businesses to properly realise what they can get f...
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ClickSoftware | January 11, 2016

Global Mobile Operating System Trends – My Take on the Data

When talking about mobility, people tend to think about smartphones and tablets, but in the world of field service, mobility goes much beyond those two popular ...
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ClickSoftware | January 4, 2016

Are You Ready for the Mobile App Explosion? Cause It’s here….

The textbook definition of workforce apps is applications that grant employees access to corporate information and internal system from a mobile device or acces...
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Dana Liberty | December 22, 2015

What is Enterprise Mobility? An Enterprise Mobility Definition

A Definition of Enterprise Mobility Enterprise mobility describes the trend of a greater number of employees working outside the office and using mobile device...
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ClickSoftware | November 17, 2015

No mega features, no surprises – Evaluating the new Android and iOS platforms

On first look, the new Android 6 on a Nexus device looks exactly like previous versions of Android. On first look, the new iOS9 on an iPhone 6 device also loo...
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ClickSoftware | October 29, 2015

How Great User Interfaces can be Translated into Pure Money

As individuals we all understand the value of a great user interface. Usability is key for every product we use, whether it’s a software or a physical one. If...
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ClickSoftware | October 12, 2015

Field Supervisor and How they can Clear Bottlenecks Using this App

Modern mobility makes each and every one of us more efficient while on the move. Executives respond to burning matters when they are traveling, IT managers moni...
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