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ClickReads: Employee Satisfaction Is the Secret Ingredient in Great Customer Experience

Most Recent Post | Haley Bucelewicz

ClickReads: Employee Satisfaction Is the Secret Ingredient in Great Customer Experience

Editor’s Note: ClickReads is our weekly series of the top technology and business stories relevant to the field service industry. Check back weekly for the newest installment, or look for the #ClickReads hashtag on Twitter. Most field service organizations recognize the importance of customer satisfaction by now. But some still put employee satisfaction in the back burner. They might not recognize that happy employees are more productive and better at making customers happy. But think ...
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ClickSoftware | September 20, 2016

Report: EU Working Time Directive Presents Challenges for UK Businesses

The UK lags behind the rest of Europe when it comes to preparedness for the European Court of Justice latest ruling on the Working Time Directive (WTD). That is...
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ClickSoftware | February 17, 2015

What Can Gamification Do for Employee Motivation?

Author: Marco Raffaelli Keeping employees motivated is a complicated task. Sales managers often find themselves trying to narrow down the best engagement met...
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Kristin Amico | February 25, 2014

What’s the Hype with Gamification?

The term ‘gamification’ may bring to mind the hungry mouth of Pac-Man, shifting gears on a Nintendo 64 race track or shooting lasers at a space invader. In ...
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ClickSoftware | February 9, 2014

Are Butlers the Siri of the Enterprise? Empower Field Workers with Predictive Apps

Author: Katelyn Burrill Everyone knows the old adage, the ”customer is king” and in today’s day and age that is more true than ever. Consumers are no long...
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ClickSoftware | November 7, 2013

Keep Workers Happy with Simple Apps

By Gil Bouhnick, VP Mobility Modern mobility has impacted the entire software world and has put users in the center. User Experience, once a theoretical term ...
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ClickSoftware | September 4, 2013

Big Data Can Lead to Big Boost in Employee Productivity

Using social tools within and across an enterprise can enhance communication, sharing, collaboration and knowledge. But perhaps most importantly, it has the pow...
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ClickSoftware | March 22, 2013

Give Me a (Lunch) Break!

Author: Hadas Lahav, Product Line Director Have you ever found yourself looking at your watch at 9:00 am wondering if it was lunchtime yet? Well, if you have...
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ClickSoftware | September 26, 2012

Unleash the Productivity of Your Field Service Workforce

Author: Jeremy Hill, Product Marketing Manager With the explosion of mobile usage in the workplace, today’s CIOs face a big challenge. Research predicts the n...
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