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Why Change Management Fails, and Why Field Service Needs It More than Ever

Most Recent Post | Karo Kilfeather

Why Change Management Fails, and Why Field Service Needs It More than Ever

Seventy-six percent of field service providers report they are struggling to achieve revenue growth, which means the need for process and technology change is paramount. But according to McKinsey, 70% of change management programs fail to achieve their goals. Ask any company leader why, and they’ll be quick to quote truisms, proverbs, and cliches. “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy...” “People aren’t afraid of change, they’re afraid of being changed...” “If yo...
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ClickSoftware | June 14, 2017

Pulse of the Modern Field Service Technician: 2017 Stats & Trends

Modern technology is moving faster than anyone—or any organization—can feasibly handle, with new apps, devices, and trends popping up nearly every day. Incr...
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Haley Bucelewicz | November 23, 2016

ClickReads: Employee Satisfaction Is the Secret Ingredient in Great Customer Experience

Editor’s Note: ClickReads is our weekly series of the top technology and business stories relevant to the field service industry. Check back weekly for the ne...
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ClickSoftware | September 20, 2016

Report: EU Working Time Directive Presents Challenges for UK Businesses

The UK lags behind the rest of Europe when it comes to preparedness for the European Court of Justice latest ruling on the Working Time Directive (WTD). That is...
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Mike Karlskind | August 2, 2016

Change Management Challenges in Field Service

Following up on our Service is Hard blog series, today we’re discussing the topic of “change management” and how this adds to the challenges of field ser...
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ClickSoftware | May 3, 2016

30 Field Service Managers, Consultants, and Business Leaders Reveal the Best Way to Motivate Field Service Employees

Motivated field service employees have better job satisfaction, higher performance levels, and greater productivity, leading to increased customer satisfaction....
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ClickSoftware | April 19, 2016

What Is Staff Scheduling and Planning?

Staff scheduling and planning consumes hours of managers’ and dispatchers’ time. Staff scheduling and planning does not simply entail filling out a calendar...
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ClickSoftware | February 20, 2015

How Actionable is Your Service Data?

Author: Katelyn Burrill If you ask most service executives if they are satisfied with the data they have available to make real time strategic decisions, the...
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ClickSoftware | February 17, 2015

What Can Gamification Do for Employee Motivation?

Author: Marco Raffaelli Keeping employees motivated is a complicated task. Sales managers often find themselves trying to narrow down the best engagement met...
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