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3 Essential Technologies for Predictive Field Service

Most Recent Post | Katelyn Burrill

3 Essential Technologies for Predictive Field Service

You may remember a not-so-distant past where your techs were held hostage to fixed schedules and slowed down by unpredictable situations. Once they entered the field for the day, they were incommunicado. They were left to their own devices to decipher cryptic (sometimes incomplete) work orders, fend off customers frustrated about long wait times, and scratch their head as they fielded curveballs. As a field service professional, it’s hard to imagine wanting to journey back in time. The adve...
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Steve Smith | February 28, 2018

The Future Is Near: Big Data in Telecom

With the rise in the use of smartphones and other connected mobile devices, telecommunications operators have massive amounts of data at their disposal. 4G, wea...
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Katelyn Burrill | January 3, 2018

Maximize Productivity with Truth-based Appointment Booking

Ever notice how much appointment booking can impact your entire day of service? One poor or uncalculated decision could lead to missed appointments and unhappy ...
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Paul Whitelam | January 2, 2018

Empower Field Service Decisions with Machine Learning

How many times have your dispatchers spent hours trying to create the perfect schedule only to have it ruined the day of service when an emergency job arises or...
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Katelyn Burrill | December 20, 2017

The Data Behind Predictive Field Service

In a fantasy novel or movie, it’s magic or an innate “gift” that allows people to see the future. In reality, it’s data (and lots of it) that powers pre...
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Katelyn Burrill | December 6, 2017

What is Predictive Field Service?

While field service delivery always starts with a plan, it’s never set in stone. In reality, there will be factors beyond anyone’s control that could spoil ...
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Ed Brennan | November 14, 2017

If the Future Is in the Cloud, Why Are Enterprises Still Lagging Behind?

With customer service expectations higher than ever, enterprises delivering field service are faced with a new challenge. They must deliver rapid, on-demand ser...
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ClickSoftware | September 14, 2017

Adventures in Artificial Intelligence Part 5: Personalization on The Horizon

If Moore’s Law holds true, artificial intelligence technology should be on an 18-month cycle of complete transformation. If recent investments, advancements a...
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Steve Smith | September 5, 2017

Down, Set, Hike! Predictive Playbook for Scheduling, Travel & Dispatch

Undoubtedly, predictive maintenance can be a secret weapon for smart field service teams. But new tools allow savvy professionals to get predictive with more as...
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