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Can the eBay Experience be Applied to Service?

Can the eBay Experience be Applied to Service?

Can the eBay Experience be Applied to Service?

January 15, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I use eBay from time to time and, apart from the occasional bargain that I can pick up, I like eBay’s “Meet the seller” feature.The “Meet the seller” provides information such as how long the seller has been a member of eBay and a rating that reflects people’s experience with this seller (

As a potential buyer, I can use this information to decide whether this seller is trustworthy and whether I will receive the goods I buy or whether the goods will get “lost in the mail”. Could this be applied to service?

Pet Peeve –Tradies not arriving on time I recently renovated my kitchen. Therefore, I needed a sparky, a plumber and a cabinet maker. In order to get a good price, I decided to get a few quotes. So using an online directory service I called and organised three sparkys, three plumbers and three cabinet makers to come around to my place and provide me with a quote; how many do you think actually arrived at the time they specified? One sparky, no plumbers and two cabinet makers… what a waste of my time!

This is where feedback would have been great; when the online directory service provided me with a list of sparkys/plumbers/cabinet makers within my area, I would have been able to view the feedback score of each and everyone of them to determine whether they meet appointments, reasonably priced, performed good quality work etc. and based on this feedback I would have been able to make an informed decision rather than leave it up to fate.

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