Bringing the Benefits of Wearables to the Service Industry

Bringing the Benefits of Wearables to the Service Industry

Bringing the Benefits of Wearables to the Service Industry

December 12, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Yair Lehrer

It was Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and his  “one more thing” moment that grabbed all the headlines earlier this year. Apple is the latest giant to walk into the wearable tech arena and is in good company with Nike, Google and Samsung all to compete with. wearable_future

The benefits of wearable technology for the consumer market are significant. From health trackers to extreme-sports cameras, wearables are bringing more value to everyday life.

But wearable technology also provides many benefits for the service industry. Drivers can access directions without taking their eyes away from the road. Hotel personnel can greet guests by name as they walk in, while seamlessly addressing their room preference and requirements. In addition, emergency workers from surgeons to medical technicians can access and relay vital data without needing to access their mobile device.

3rd party developers are building all sort of apps for wearables, which are bringing the best of wearable functionality to the enterprise. Companies are already benefiting from the available technology to improve the service they provide their customers.

To learn more, download: The Evolution of Wearable Technology and its Impact on the Service Industry







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