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Augmented reality – update

Augmented reality – update

Augmented reality – update

March 10, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I recently saw Avatar 3D and apart from the great CGI and effects, the one thing that caught my eye was the heads up displays that the air traffic controllers on Pandora were using. This got me to thinking about the Clickipedia entry I wrote in 2008 that looked into augmented reality and how it could be applied to service I have kept my out on the progress of augmented reality. A couple of additional articles that spiked my interest were:

  • 10 Technologies That Won’t Have Any Impact in 2010 – and Three That Will – Augmented reality comes in at number seven of technologies that William McNeill feels will not have any impact in the service industry in 2010
  • America’s Cup – Not really service industry related but it was interesting to note that the BMW Oracle skipper “wears military-standard “sunglasses” which project data about the boat’s performance into a virtual space which stays in his field of vision regardless of where he is looking.” On a side note, check out the videos of the boats in this years Americas Cup… out of this world
  • AR apps on the iPhone – Interesting AR apps available on the iPhone

What impact do you think augmented reality will have on the service industry in the near or distant future?

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