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Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile with ClickButler

Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile with ClickButler

Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile with ClickButler

March 3, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Learn How Butlers will Empower the Mobile Workforce at IBM Pulse

As the use of mobile devices for business applications is growing rapidly to drive operational efficiencies, a key question is how to facilitate their usage so that their very use does not slow productivity gains. Many contemporary business applications involve excessive typing and swiping between apps and manually transferring data from one app to another. This is cumbersome, error prone, annoying and most importantly time consuming.  workforce artificial intelligence

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence techniques, ClickButlers serve as intelligent personal assistants that facilitate tremendously the use of mobile devices by anticipating user’s needs, alerting him and proactively acting with greatest efficiency. They free the user to deal only with what he wishes to, or has to deal with, or what is best to do himself. The rest is taken care of by ClickButlers.  ClickButlers avoid “open” questions but rather presents the user with concrete alternatives to select from; alternatives which are right for the current context. Most of the time, the user just touches or says “yes” or “no.” Essentially ClickButlers do a substantial part of the “leg” work (finger-work) for the user.

I invite attendees of IBM pulse to attend my session, ClickButler Utilizing IBM Worklight to Facilitate Doing Business in Motion, to learn more about the future of intelligent mobile assistants and how they will empower more productive employees and happier customers. I will discuss the intersection of mobile, artificial intelligence, and context aware computing, and how these improve the built-in “intelligence” of a mobile app such that it anticipates what the user needs and acts on it automatically, and within the right context, like a good old English Butler.

In addition, I will discuss the engine behind ClickButler. While the end result may sound simple, it’s not.

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