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Art of outsourcing

Art of outsourcing

Art of outsourcing

November 1, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Whilst on holidays recently, I finished reading a book titled “War PLC – The rise of the new corporate mercenary” which looks into the evolution of corporate soldiers (mercenaries) and the privatisation of war. The United States and the UK have outsourced key military and security functions to private military companies to carry out; primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. Functions that have been outsourced include: logistical support, training military personnel, operating and maintaining military weapons, interrogation and translating.

This article is not about the morals and justification of such activities, but more so to highlight the fact that there seems to be no limit to outsourcing! No longer is it just outsourcing of research & development, manufacturing or information technology; it is also about national security, charity work and the latest outsourcing industry – wombs.

So the question remains: Where will it end? Potential outsourcing opportunities:

  • Husband/wife duties… on second thought this can already be done: garden maintenance, housekeeping, cooking…
  • Raising a child or have boarding schools already done this?
  • Education – (this is reliant on technology – but assuming that the technology is invented) you can outsource your MBA degree to an individual, they can complete the MBA course, and once the MBA course is completed, all the information gathered by this individual during the course is downloaded into your mind

From a service standpoint – there have been and always will be a multitude of questions:

  1. Where does outsourcing stop?
  2. How much should be outsourced?
  3. How do you measure the success of outsourcing? Is it a simple price calculation? Where does quality of service come into it? How about customer experience?

In July 2009, Sprint announced that it had outsourced all the maintenance of its network to Ericsson; is this a sign of things to come in the service industry?

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