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Are You a Customer Driven Company?

Are You a Customer Driven Company?

Are You a Customer Driven Company?

November 6, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Your customers have changed.  They are connected 24/7, and expect everyone else to be.  They are mobile and social.  They have more options than ever and higher expectations than ever.

customer service has done a masterful job of leading on this vision, and it’s a primary theme of their upcoming Dreamforce conference (November 18-21 in San Francisco).

There is no better example of the importance of being a customer company than in field service.  Field service by nature means that there has been a disruption in a consumer’s life or in an organization’s productivity.  Hence, you are starting from a disadvantaged position.  Turning this around and delighting your customers can pay incredible dividends.  Field service is not some backend process at your company.  It is the face of your company, and even more importantly, often the face of your company responding to an issue or a change.

Today’s savvy organizations understand remarkable service is what influences buying decisions.  Differentiation on product alone is not enough.  And it’s unprofitable to compete just on price. 86% of consumers will often pay more for a better experience. And happy customers tell up to six people about their experience while, dissatisfied customers pass on their feelings up to 15 people.

So how can your field service delight your customers and help you become a ‘customer company’?  Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you quickly communicate with your customers and set up appointments using the latest devices and interfaces?
  • Are you accurately diagnosing  and resolving issues (or performing installs) on the first visit?
  • Are you almost always arriving on time for scheduled appointments, and truly demonstrating respect for your customers’ time?
  • Are you performing service in a timely fashion?

These goals can’t be achieved by a field technician in a vacuum. Field service employees need to be connected to the entire business and have online and offline access to back office operations, asset management systems, other field and back office employees, and most importantly to customer data. In order to accomplish this circle of connectivity, field workers and managers alike need to be armed with the right information at the right time.

At ClickSoftware, we are relentlessly focused on helping you meet these goals, and become a customer company.  And with our ClickWorkforce offering, these capabilities are now integrated with the Salesforce Service Cloud.

I look forward to meeting everyone at Dreamforce, and talking about your successes and challenges making the transformation to a customer driven company.  Stop by ClickSoftware’s booth  (N1318 in Moscone North) and let’s  continue the conversation.


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