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Are Customers Your Priority? Connecting at Saphila to Help You Deliver on Service Promises

June 9, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Growing economies present new challenges to service organizations. As customer demand grows, so do pricing pressures, and organizations need to compete on service instead of price. Meet us at Saphila (booth 37) where we’ll be demonstrating how we can work with you locally in South Africa to deliver the right service at the right time keep your business competitive.

utility workers with tabletClickSoftware is dedicated to helping field service companies across the globe and Africa such as Tracker Connect and Telecom Namibia, deliver centralized scheduling and operations in partnership with SAP.

Learn how to :

  • Create automated, real-time schedules that respond to demand
  • Set up self-service appointment bookings
  • Integrate the tools into real-time mobility offerings
  • Use data to better forecast and plan

Read More: Learn how Iberdrola USA is partnering with ClickSoftware and SAP to more quickly respond to customer demand, and do so more efficiently.


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