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Are Butlers the Siri of the Enterprise? Empower Field Workers with Predictive Apps

Are Butlers the Siri of the Enterprise? Empower Field Workers with Predictive Apps

Are Butlers the Siri of the Enterprise? Empower Field Workers with Predictive Apps

February 9, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Everyone knows the old adage, the ”customer is king” and in today’s day and age that is more true than ever. Consumers are no longer satisfied being one of the masses, they want companies to treat them as individuals with unique needs, by using data intelligently to customize the user experience, predicting what they are looking for before they even know it.

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The most common examples we see of this are on the consumer side, with retailers like Amazon or entertainment companies like Netflix leading the pack. Mostly everyone is familiar with the example of the father who found out that his teenage daughter was pregnant after she was mailed coupons from Target for baby clothes and cribs. That is big data and predictive analytics at work to, albeit creepily, benefit the consumer. This personalized consumer experience is driving a revolution in the expectations of service business, but the question remains, how can this wave of technology benefit the mobile worker? By creating intelligent business apps that anticipate a mobile worker’s needs, making either personalized recommendations or taking action on behalf of the user.

At ClickSoftware, we affectionately refer to this digital intelligent personal assistant as ClickButler. The ClickButler provides significant value to the mobile worker, customer, as well as the service business; by saving the worker small increments of time typically spent swiping and typing on his mobile device and providing him easy access to data to better serve the customer. You’d be surprised, but those small increments add up and could enable the completion of an extra job per day. An additional example is providing the mobile worker, while he’s onsite, with the knowledge that another piece of the customer’s equipment is within its maintenance window and can be completed in the same visit. The customer will be delighted that you had special insight into their service history, and you save yourself an additional truck roll. There are also the health and safety benefits of taking action on behalf of the user by pulling up driving directions to his next job, allowing the mobile worker to keep his eyes on the road.

These examples just begin to skim the surface of the potential that predictive apps can bring to field service. To learn more about practical applications and the technology that can allow you to make this a reality for your mobile workers, join  Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and me, Katelyn Burrill, Product Marketing Manager, on Tuesday, February 11th at 11AM ET/16:00 GT for a webinar discussing the latest research on predictive apps and:

  • What they mean for service businesses
  • How they enable service organizations to improve the customer experience without trading field service efficiency
  • The business value via a day in the life for the mobile worker


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