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Android surpasses iPhone sales in US

Android surpasses iPhone sales in US

Android surpasses iPhone sales in US

May 11, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Guest Post by Israel Beniaminy:

A new study shows that Android, Google’s smartphone operating system, has surged past those of Apple’s iPhone for the first time: It received 28 per cent of North American consumer sales in the first three months of this year, compared with 21 per cent for the iPhone. RIM’s Blackberry is still at the top, with 36 percent of sales.

Is this the end of iPhone’s supremacy?

Not really.

In North America, iPhones still outnumber Android-based handsets (of which there are over 34 models). If Android continues to lead in sales figures, this could change. However, some people may be holding off on buying an iPhone, waiting for the iPhone 4, details of which were recently leaked.

Still, there’s something compelling about Android.

What could it be? In one word, it is “open”.

Unlike iPhone’s “walled garden”, Android users can download any software. They can also change and modify just about everything. Unlike Apple, Google does not take any stance regarding morality of content or applications.

So, what should Apple do? Should it become more open? Can its culture even support real openness? Or does Apple have something else it can do to protect itself from the Android invasion?

And what about the silent champion – Blackberry?

About the Author:

Israel Beniaminy
is a Senior VP of Product Strategy at ClickSoftware, and a guest writer at The Future of Things.

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