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An Optimized, Customer Centric Approach to Home Healthcare

March 28, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Kristin Amico

As the goals of tomorrow’s healthcare CEO shift from filling to emptying beds in hospitals, there is a growing demand from individuals who need daily assistance at home. The worldwide healthcare industry is stepping onto the electronic platform enabling healthcare providers to engage with patients from their homes to schedule visits, get reminders about checkups, review lab test results, and perform remote consultations.

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In 2007, 84% of home health care patients had at least one limitation from Activities of Daily Living. With the percentage of the US population ages 65 and over slated to increase in the coming decades that number is only going up. Supplying home-based services to those unable to care for themselves without assistance is a growing trend and to do that, health care providers must implement mobile workforce strategies to meet the growing needs of both patients and healthcare workers.

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