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Amazing Service

Amazing Service

Amazing Service

March 18, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Most people have a story they like to share with their friends and colleagues about poor customer service. Many of us have more than one story! But how many of us talk about a positive customer service experience? In my experience, customer service needs to be ‘amazingly’ good for it to be talked about. But what is amazing service?

According to Kevin Stirtz, The Amazing Service Guy, ‘Amazing Service’ happens when your organization:

  1. Delivers what your customers want, plus a little more,
  2. In the context of your business,
  3. Better than anyone else,
  4. Every time with every customer – no exceptions and no excuses!

In the context of field service, ‘amazing service’ is extremely rare. Let’s take one scenario, where the customer is waiting at home for the engineer to arrive. We won’t explore the service experience up to this point but we will pick the story up with the engineer arriving at the customer site.

Now, the engineer (James) has arrived well within the scheduled appointment window but the customer (Mary) has just got off the phone from her child’s school. Despite having waited at home for the last couple of hours for the engineer to arrive, Mary now has to rush off to the school and cancel the appointment.

So, what happens next?

Conventional Service: James is really frustrated. He tells Mary that because of people like her he’s missing his quotas and getting paid less, and storms off.

Good Service: James is understanding of the situation, says “such things happen” and gives Mary a detailed list of channels that she can use to create a new appointment, including a case number so that she can avoid having to give all the details again.

Amazing Service: James, recognizing that Mary is in a rush, is able to instantly discover that while he can’t make it to his next job and back to Mary’s home, there is another engineer in the area with appropriate skills whose schedule can be rearranged to reach Mary after she returns from school, in about an hour and still within the arranged appointment window (if there is no such option, James can offer Mary alternative appointment slots by utilizing the mobile appointment booking capability on his mobile device). Either way, Mary is delighted that she does not need to telephone the contact centre again for another appointment. As well as creating customer delight, this ‘amazing service’ also helps to reduce call centre costs.

Check out this video to see an example of an employee going above and beyond their job description to help out a customer

What does your organization do for its customers that sets you apart from the competition?

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