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After Several Challenges, Let the London Fun Begin!

After Several Challenges, Let the London Fun Begin!

After Several Challenges, Let the London Fun Begin!

July 27, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

By Stewart Hill

Today is the day that London 2012 becomes a reality for Lord Coe and his teams of staff at LOCOG.  Years of meticulous planning and attention to detail are over: now it’s time to execute.

olympics infographic smallIn last week’s blog, I outlined G4S’s high-profile debacle with their struggles in hiring adequate numbers of security staff to oversee the Games.  But this is not the only issue to have been experienced so far:  Border Control voted for industrial action that would have disrupted immigration at London Heathrow airport (this was later cancelled at the last minute); and public transportation is already experiencing major delays.  Even the simplest detail can easily be overlooked: who would have thought that Britain would erroneously depict the South Korean flag  during a North Korea match?

Despite some of the challenges and my somewhat flippant attitude, let’s not forget that staging the Olympic Games is a monumental challenge and it’s not just about getting it right during those few weeks in the summer of 2012 when the world is watching.  It’s about getting it right before the Games begin; forecasting, planning, logistics, recruiting, security, scheduling, communications, and a seemingly endless list of other tasks.

Let’s make no mistake; running the Olympic Games is like building an entire city and its infrastructure while everyone is watching and waiting for it to all fail.  The location of the 2012 Games was a derelict part of East London.  Today it is rejuvenated following years of effort from so many people.  And they have done a great job.

All of Britain now holds its breath as the Games begin.  Nothing else can possibly go wrong, surely?

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