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Afraid of Moving to the Cloud? This Will Change Your Mind

Afraid of Moving to the Cloud?  This Will Change Your Mind

Afraid of Moving to the Cloud? This Will Change Your Mind

June 23, 2015 ClickSoftware 2 Comments

Many people are hesitant to venture into the unknown; the unproven. After all, why should we try out the new pizza place when the one down the street makes a perfect pie every time? I too, tend to fear change. When buying a car, I want to make sure that others before me have had a positive experience. Is it reliable? Safe in the snow? Time will certainly tell, but during that time, many individuals are taking the early step to try out something new; something possibly unproven. Luckily for those who ventured in the cloud, the benefits have been plentiful.

Cloud computing has moved beyond the early adopter stage. Software providers have been pressing users to move to the cloud as the technology has proven to be an asset to any organization. Here are a couple of reasons why, and how the latest solutions plan to raise standards in technology.


Many everyday consumers are using cloud computing without thinking about it. Gmail, DropBox and LinkedIn are all cloud based platforms where users transfer files and share information. Data storage and sending mail used to just be done solely on paper, yet these functions have transformed into applications accessible from mobile devices that have top notch features. This same level of accessibility and capability should be expected with a mobile workforce management solution. Many IT professionals are already trusting cloud servers to back up their data safely and effectively, allowing for real-time transfers of information between the dispatcher, the field technician and the rest of the workforce.


The Cloud has long been scrutinized for lacking adequate security capabilities. Strong security should be expected with so much information being processed and stored remotely. Fortunately, recent trends in cloud solutions point to increasing the complexity of security measures through a multi-layered approach. As described in an article by TechTarget, “Data security is typically more robust in the cloud than it is on-premises…the majority of cloud providers build security – often using a multi-layered approach – into their infrastructures from the ground-up.” Put into a different light, who would you trust more; a provider whose mandate is security, or your internal IT department where security is overshadowed by server stability and application functionality?

In comes cloud service certifications. Certifications such as The Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Rating provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of a service’s security controls and enterprise readiness based on a detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Because Skyhigh produces the most extensive, current, and credible trust ratings for cloud services, enterprises rely on the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Rating to inform both decisions and policy pertaining to the use of cloud services in their environment.

ClickSoftware has received the following Cloud Service Certifications:

We self-certify compliance with

Integrating security measures that are proactive instead of reactive are far more effective when built by the software provider alongside the construction of the solution. Creating a cloud solution and then separately deciding how to implement security measures after completion will likely present gaps in your defensive strategy. Proactive measures built into the software have proven to be far more effective in the long term. Experienced field service managers know the advantage of fixing weak infrastructure before the storm hits, and the same applies to the Cloud. We believe that information security is vital for our customer’s business operations and to our own success. These premises govern us and the way we do business.


The newest iterations of ClickSoftware solutions will provide great advancements on the cloud over an on-premises solution. Upgrades from version 8.3 can occur seamlessly, with customizations carrying over to newer versions. By having the servers off-site, IT directors no longer need to worry about maintenance, scalability or security, as these are handling by the SaaS provider as part of their cloud deployment. With some companies needing 10 or 15 servers to manage their needs, this provides a great relief and allows individuals to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The cloud architecture in future solutions will allow customers to capitalize on large communities of experts and customers. For instance, in one updated feature for street-level routing, you will be able to utilize the best possible routes using built-in analytics incorporating data from previous trips. This new style route tracking combines individual pieces of planned routes to provide the best available route guidance in real-time through “crowd-learning” or crowdsourcing; a unique capability that incorporates real world information gathered by all opt-in customers in the database in a secure and anonymous manner to speed time to value. This opens a wealth of information and accuracy previously unattainable through on-premises solutions.

We encourage users to upgrade to our cloud solution based on the numerous advantages it provides. In the near future, cloud computing will be the standard platform as on-premises solutions are phased out by modern methods of storage, communication and efficiency that only the cloud can provide. Many products and ideas are initially exciting but can also be short-lived. Other times, they’re like the amazing new pizza place that continues to receive rave reviews— once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

If you have any additional thoughts on upgrading to the cloud be sure to let us know in the comments!

A Conference to Learn More

You can learn more about moving to the cloud, seamless upgrades, and how upcoming solutions could impact your business at ClickConnect 2015. With a host of customer sessions and product demonstrations, ClickConnect is a great place to network with industry peers and gain new insight into the latest Mobile Workforce Management technology.

Breakout Tracks will cover topics like innovation, leadership, and customer experience, with multiple ongoing sessions throughout the event. Notable sessions include Field Service in the Future, Designing Your Business for the 21st Century, and How to Master a Seamless Upgrade. These sessions among others will show you how the latest technologies can help your field service workforce maximize its potential so that it can Master the Moment™ of service at every opportunity.

  • David

    “Put into a different light, who would you trust more; a provider whose mandate is security, or your internal IT department where security is overshadowed by server stability and application functionality?”

    So server stability is not a cloud-provider’s priority compared to security? Odd point to make, I think.

    • Marco Raffaelli

      Hi David,

      I personally think that server stability is also very important, but more of a given. We wanted to emphasize the importance of cloud security and how strong it has become. Server stability and keeping things running on a day-to-day basis, while important, is not as important as keeping confidential information safe & secure. Hope this helps!

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