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A Faster, More Flexible ServiceOptimization Suite

A Faster, More Flexible ServiceOptimization Suite

A Faster, More Flexible ServiceOptimization Suite

January 23, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

We are excited to announce the latest version of our ServiceOptimization Suite v8.1.8, offering users increased flexibility and performance enhancements for a speedier, easier to use system.

Businesses are increasingly looking towards an improved customer experience as a service differentiator, and the field service department is often the place where these differentiators shine.  The improvements made to the ClickSoftware ServiceOptimization Suite will further enable service organizations to offer best-in-class service while increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Suite 8.1.8 contains many new enhancements to help improve your business, including:

  • Performance Improvements:  Significant improvements at the database level translate into reduced network bandwidth, quicker response times for users and agents, and reduced need for hardware resources.
  • Enhanced Mobility Studio: Provides IT managers with even easier-to-use visual tools to incorporate all the configuration and management capabilities into a single location for a more streamlined work experience.
  • Flexible Lunch Breaks: Lunch breaks are now visible on the Gantt giving dispatchers and engineers far better flexibility and ensure compliance with work regulations.
  • User Interface: responsive UI design supports widget bars, pop-ups and resizable split view. The adaptive user interface automatically adjusts itself to the current screen size and screen orientation.
  • ClickAppStore: New apps, including Safety Procedure, Vacation Request and Related Assignments have been added to the ClickAppStore.

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