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A Company That Cares – The KinCare Story

A Company That Cares – The KinCare Story

A Company That Cares – The KinCare Story

February 18, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Yair Lehrer

We are proud to be an organization that, along with our customers, is making a difference to people’s lives all over the world. Our solution empowers everyday people with real-time customer service, allowing organizations to master every moment of service.

Every so often we come across a story about one of our customers making a big difference in people’s lives that we have to share. This is the KinCare Story.

Caring for the most vulnerable in the community
KinCare is a company whose absolute commitment is to the customer. Not only because it makes business sense, but ultimately because its’ customers are the most vulnerable in the community; the sick, the old, and the less able. Take KinCare’s client Steve, an 81 year old man who suffers from ailments that need daily care. As an organization KinCare’s number one priority is to improve Steve’s life. Care workers spend time with him, improve his home setting and provide consistent healthcare that manages his condition.

With the help of ClickWorkforce, KinCare field staff are able to know the details of each of their assigned jobs, they can provide instant feedback from the field, and care workers can be scheduled to intervene or assist whenever required, even within the same day.

Saving time to focus on what counts
An average day can see up to 40% changes in a KinCare schedule, simply because things just happen in this line of work; canceled appointments, emergency visits, and in-day requests to name a few. With intelligent automation, KinCare is able to consistently provide excellent home healthcare despite any changes to the schedule. The flexibility the solution provides allows KinCare to respond to customer needs faster and more efficiently, ensuring that the right care workers can tend to the right customers whenever they need it. This is what helps KinCare live up to their mission of ‘helping the customer live longer, and live the life that they want at home.’

Revolutionizing in-home care services with the latest cloud technology
Moving business operations and client data to the cloud has allowed KinCare to think about how to provide new services in new ways. Field staff can now capture client information in their homes and provide it to the back office easily. With ClickWorkforce being native on the Salesforce CRM, care givers can link to the cloud-based solution giving them access to importation information in the field, streamlining not only the business but also the service provision. Care workers are now able to spend more time with customers and less time on paperwork and manual processes. Processes that previously took a few weeks are now done in just a few minutes, which allows care givers to spend more time with customers like Steve, making a real difference in their lives.

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