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6 Things Capital Equipment Manufacturers Do Better Than Peers

6 Things Capital Equipment Manufacturers Do Better Than Peers

6 Things Capital Equipment Manufacturers Do Better Than Peers

November 19, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Katelyn Burrill

Manufacturers of Capital Equipment put their reputations on the line every day, since their customers pay big bucks for mission critical assets needed to keep their businesses running. But even if you make the best product, any unplanned downtime leads to customers’ loss of productivity, increasing costs, and potential danger. As a customer of a capital equipment manufacturer, making the decision about which company to invest with is much more than a product-based decision. Exceptional service is often THE differentiator, and there are a lot of parties involved in making the service program successful. It’s no wonder a recent study by Aberdeen finds 46% of capital equipment manufacturers see competition in service as a top pressure.

capital_equipmentAttaining excellence in service can be a difficult goal to reach, especially considering the complexities surrounding critical assets and equipment. Here are six things capital equipment manufacturers are doing better than their peers:

According to Aberdeen, Capital Equipment Manufacturers are:

  • 46% more likely to involve marketing in field service strategy and decision making
  • 33% more likely to involve sales in field service strategy and decision making
  • 22% more likely to have a service leader in place, who is responsible for forecasting service demand and developing resource plans
  • 21% more likely to measure field service employee engagement on a quarterly, or more, basis
  • 44% more likely to be asset-centric (around availability and aimed at maximizing uptime) in regard to scheduling or routing
  • 18% more likely to have in-field technicians identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

…as compared to their peers in other service industries.

The bottom line: Delivering exceptional service is the key to success of capital equipment manufacturers. As with raising children, it truly takes a village to develop a successful service strategy and execute on service promises, driving the customer experience while also lifting profits.

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