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5 Things Field Workers Hate & How to Fix Them

5 Things Field Workers Hate & How to Fix Them

5 Things Field Workers Hate & How to Fix Them

April 10, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

At the end of the day a company wants to ensure that its customer is getting the best experience possible. One way companies can facilitate this is to use the latest mobile technologies to make its own workers happy. Eliminating the things that field workers hate can lead to increased productivity, better service, and yes, a better customer experience.

In this new eBook, we outline five job elements that can frustrate workers and diminish productivity: status reporting, time sheets and job forms, unsuitable lunch breaks, too many little routines between jobs, and travel time. Luckily, there are remedies to these issues that can allow a company’s productivity to thrive.

Mobility provides a solution for both status reporting and various job forms. Real-time status updates allow workers to focus more of their time on the job itself and let management quickly gauge progress and help when needed. By putting time sheets and job forms on a mobile device, workers can quickly complete them after a job, cut down on backlog, and increase billing and payroll accuracy.

Real-time information from mobility throughout the day will help mitigate problems with lunch breaks and travel time. Scheduling lunch breaks at the beginning of the day but allowing for flexibility based on the day’s events lets workers take their break even in the middle of a task. Street-level routing will reduce travel by as much as 20% or more and enable the worker to devote more time to the job site and less on traffic filled streets.

Finally, eliminating trivial routines between jobs can be achieved by finding an app that can consolidate tasks. One mobile app found in the ClickAppStore has the ability to launch external applications by clicking a button within a form and thus, cutting down on time spent shuffling through various apps to find the right one.

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