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48 Things Your Field Techs Can Do with a Mobile Phone

48 Things Your Field Techs Can Do with a Mobile Phone

48 Things Your Field Techs Can Do with a Mobile Phone

September 15, 2015 Dana Liberty 0 Comments

Your techs should be using their mobile phones like little portable offices. And with all the apps available out there, they can virtually do everything in the field without even having to come to the office. That means more quality time with customers and certainly a better customer experience. We put together a list of 48 things that your field techs can do with apps on their mobile phone from the field. Each one of these apps is available now online and can be downloaded instantly. And I’m proud to say that a lot of them are available right from our ClickAppStore for those of you who already have ClickMobile installed. So get your field techs on board, and let them have a safer, happier, more productive work day.

  • Clock In – Start your day by simply tapping on the Clock In button in with the Timesheets app. No more forgetting or filling lousy paperwork at the end of the week or month when you have forgotten what day was what.

  • Check the Weather – This free mobile app for iPhone helps you enjoy the best day possible with the quality forecasts and information you’ve come to expect from The Weather Channel. It’s Amazing Out There.
  • View Jobs – View your assignments and tasks for the day.

  • Check Traffic – Always check traffic before you start out on the next job. And if it looks like a traffic jam is going to make you late, use your mobile phone to send a text message to the customer.
  • Navigate – Field techs can view their assignments on maps and hear turn-by-turn GPS driving directions.
  • Do a Safety Checklist – You can use the app to make sure your car/van is ready safe and ready for the service day and also to submit any routine reporting purpose, performed at any time.
  • Microscopic CameraThe SkyLight could connect your smartphone camera to a supported microscope, and let you capture microscope photographs with the option to switch the focal planes with a touch of your finger.
  • Measure distances with a camera – You might be surprised to know that this actually works. Well, kind of. Distance measuring apps can’t match the precision of an instrument made for the purpose, but they should prove good enough when a rough measurement is sufficient. They use trigonometry to calculate the approximate distance between the user and a visible object. To get the distance, you just have to input the height, at which you’re holding the smartphone, and to aim the crosshair at the base of the object.
  • Manage spare parts – Field techs can keep track of the parts needed for each assignment and the parts they actually used.
  • Order spare parts – Same app allows field techs to order missing parts when needed to make sure the van is always stocked and ready for those crucial first-time fixes.
  • Panic Button – If your field techs are going into a dangerous place, make sure they have the panic button ready. If needed, they can send an SOS in one click.

  • Panic Timer – Going into deep, dark places? Make sure field techs set the panic timer before going in, and if they are not out in time, the app will notify someone to come check why.

  • Access last visit information – this app lets field techs access the information from the last service visit. Field techs can understand what was done, what needs to be done, get instructions on the location of the equipment and even get a heads-up about a nasty dog in the neighborhood.
  • Print anywhere – Need to print something? This app prints via the Google Cloud Print service so field techs can access any printer, for example, a printer located at the company headquarters.
  • Get Company RSS Feeds – Just because field techs aren’t in the office doesn’t mean they can’t keep up to date with what’s going on in the company. This RSS feed allows them to get all the news and more.

  • Get Rewarded – Gamification apps can set up goals and tasks that upon completion can earn awards. These awards can be shown on a leader board and promote good behavior and help employees achieve success.

  • Monitor Teams – Field supervisors can monitor their teams and make sure performance is on track. Supervisors can view the present, past, and planned performance of employees and quickly handle evolving challenges before they become major problems.
  • Chat with coworkers – Increase collaboration between employees with live discussions where knowledge is shared and stored around an activity or business procedure eliminating phone calls, faxes and emails and centralizing communications for all to see.



  • Broadcast Messages to Coworkers – The Collaboration Wall broadcasts messages to the engineers. The engineers can use it to share questions, knowledge, or traffic reports with each other. The messages are instantaneously visible to all the engineers in the collaboration group.
  • Find a Co-Worker – The Resource Radar app enables an engineer to find out if there are colleagues nearby who can provide assistance, spare parts, or simply to meet for lunch.
  • Find a Clean Bathroom – An imperative app for anyone in the field, and this article gives you 6 different apps that will help you when it comes time to wee.

  • Schedule Lunch – Workers that take scheduled breaks and lunches are more productive throughout the day.
  • Open Helpdesk Request – Probably not something field techs would do every day, but non the less, a great time saver when you need to get things fixed.
  • Request Vacations – Submit requests for vacation days or other absences and view the approved/rejected status of the requests. A supervisor can monitor, approve, or reject the requests.
  • Find your keys – with all those tools and equipment to carry, it is easy to misplace your keys. Toms Guide tested and rated some of these apps, with recommendations of the best and worst.
  • Detect radiation – The Smart Radiation Detector can detect and confirm radiation levels to help you avoid contaminated resources. Medical professionals and rescue team operators could use this when working in nuclear-related disasters.
  • Take Pictures on Site – Always good to have proof of what was done on the site, or what still needs to be done when you leave for the day.
  • Listen to the Radio – for news or music. Both are important especially if you are far away from civilization and need a little energy boost or to keep up on what’s going on in town. In an emergency, this can be a lifesaver.

  • Keep a To-Do list – Here is a list compiled by Melanie Haselmayr, a contributor at Here she lists the top 9 To-Do Lists so you can find one that matches exactly how you work.
  • Monitor Your Heart Rate – This is one of the best ways for the home office to know that you are still ticking out there in the field.
  • Start the car automatically – with Viper SmartStart, a device that allows you to perform regular tasks your remote key can do, for instance lock the door, honk the car and release the trunk, all with your smartphone.
  • Scan Barcodes – Makes it easy to keep track of inventory and get specific technical documents for installed products.

  • Talk to customers – Pick up the phone and simply call your customer and tell them you are on the way or approximately when you will be there. And ask them if you can pick up a pint of milk on the way.
  • Send messages to customers – Use the phone to send a message to customers. Easy, simple and much appreciated.
  • Submit travel expense reports – Fill in an expense report right on the mobile device and submit it for manager approval. Managers have their own app for approvals that can be done from their mobile device.
  • Upsell – This app integrates an online product catalog and with sales records. By using the app, you can leverage the field service workforce as a sales force. The engineers can follow-up on a successful service call with additional offerings suited specifically to the customer.
  • Dodge speed traps: No sense in getting a fine for speeding when you are just trying to be on time to a customer appointment. Use this app to know when to slow down, and when to speed up.

  • Perform car diagnostics – Use an app to help decipher what is wrong with the service van when that hazard light goes off on the dashboard.
  • Trade Shifts – When things come up and you need to do something else, this app will be your best friend. That and the person who trades with you.
  • Set Shift Preferences – We all got a life, so why not give the field techs the ability to tell you what shifts they like best? By considering preferences, the schedule will be more solid and less likely to change.
  • Call Home – Yes, call home and touch base with the family from time to time. Use the dial pad, or install a voice recognition app that will dial hands-free for you by just saying “call Home”.
  • Early Start Warning – Our Butler services will let you know well in advance if you have to make an early start the next morning.
  • Check schedule for tomorrow – Open this app and peak at what you have coming up for the next few days.

  • Clock Out – This app is part of our Butler services which will remind you that you haven’t clocked out for the day. Set your own message to appear to remind the field techs that they need to clock out.

As you can see, the field tech can use a mobile app for almost every step of the day to make work more productive, and make life in the field much easier.

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