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4 Ways Mobility Drives a Better Customer Experience

4 Ways Mobility Drives a Better Customer Experience

4 Ways Mobility Drives a Better Customer Experience

July 28, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

With increased demand and expectations from customers, and as much demand from management to balance service experience with operational costs, how can field service organizations stay competitive? Mobile technology can help alleviate many common customer complaints.

field worker with tabletNew research findings reinforce the negative consequences of poor customer service.

  • Over 35% of customers cancel their service due to a frustrating experience.
  • 72% of Americans have acted out because of their frustrations. Half demanded to speak to a supervisor, while 14% admitted to yelling at a service rep.
  • What do consumers dislike most about the service process? 44% say waiting for the service rep, while 43% say being put on hold while on the phone is the most frustrating.

But the news doesn’t have to be all-bad. Customers voiced their demands and made note of what they would consider a successful service experience. What exactly do customers want? More frequent and exact ETAs; to feel like the company understands their personal preferences; to be updated on the job progress; and have organizations provide better ways to schedule appointments, rather than simply via the phone.

Solutions do exist to alleviate these consumer frustrations. Service organizations of all sizes should consider adopting tools to improve forecasting and planning, and invest in mobile tools to provide field workers better access to information and the ability to communicate in real-time.

When it comes the mobile, the benefits are plentiful. Mobility can empower a workforce to efficiently perform with optimal speed and knowledge. Here’s how:

  1. Immediate customer feedback. Mobile apps connect the business with consumers and provide them with instant information regarding their problem. They can also help predict more precise ETAs, which provides a more accurate wait time for the customer and exact expense report for companies.
  2. Personal experience. Every customer receives a personal experience because the field tech has all the information and the history of the complaint or work order itself on their mobile device. If a customer requests to be updated every hour, a worker can note this and make sure to inform of progress when needed.
  3. Immediate Access to Information: Field employees no longer need to call the office for information. They have instant access to work order info, parts availability, or even the option to call a nearby colleague if they need on-site assistance. This way, all employees have the right information to complete jobs correctly the first time.
  4. Streamlined Communication. Instead of waiting on hold to find out billing information, status updates or simple inquiries, customers can communicate via mobile updates. This engagement between both parties makes communication in context easy, accessible and drastically more cost efficient.

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