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12 On-the-Clock Reasons to Use a Mobile Timesheet App

12 On-the-Clock Reasons to Use a Mobile Timesheet App

12 On-the-Clock Reasons to Use a Mobile Timesheet App

June 4, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

The old saying “time is money” has even more relevance with the growing shift to mobility in the enterprise. Through time-saving, and simplifying apps, mobility is helping service businesses to achieve maximum productivity while on-the-clock. But in order for these benefits to be fully realized, organizations need to ensure that operational systems are connected to mobile features, and that employees are taking advantage of all the benefits.

timesheet869With field workers rarely coming to the office anymore, the importance of bolstering a time –sensitive workforce from all corners has increased. Organizations can increase the value their time by taking advantage of predictive mobile apps, such as automatic timesheets, which can seamlessly track and report activities and manage status updates on important tasks. Meaning employees in the field not need to manually fill in every minute of their time because their mobile device will take on the admin work.

How can you use mobile timesheets to benefit your business?  Our experts outline 12 reasons why advanced timesheets will help employees tackle too many admin duties, and keep managers happy due to increased accuracy and reporting.

The Mobile timesheet app enables users to:

  • Clock in and out, enabling the correct duration of work, and guarantees an automatic submittal of the timesheet at the end of the work day
  • Update the status of their assignment
  • Manage entire crews while viewing  counters and statistics
  • Send reminders to employees regarding overtime hours, breaks and clocking in
  • Ensure more accurate billing and payroll

With mobility so commonplace in the enterprise, it is no surprise that the switch to real-time technologies has made its way into managing timesheet activity.

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