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10 out of 10 Service Orgs Take Notice: The Customer is Not Satisfied

10 out of 10 Service Orgs Take Notice: The Customer is Not Satisfied

10 out of 10 Service Orgs Take Notice: The Customer is Not Satisfied

July 22, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

In a world of hyper-connectivity we have begun to expect the same outstanding service experience from all interactions. If Zappos wows us with faster-than-expected delivery or a smooth exchange process, we raise the bar for all service experiences, from utility organizations to financial institutions.

30percent drop due to bad serviceBut much of the service world is not keeping up. Various aspects of the service process are leaving consumers frustrated. Whether it’s a service representative who can’t fix the problem, being stuck on hold or wasting time at home waiting for a repair person who is late, the results paint a poor picture for service organizations.

Our recent study, conducted by Harris Poll, determined the driving factors that have caused blood-rising, hair-pulling, customer frustration.

Here are 10 of the most valuable takeaways revealed by the survey:

  1. Over 35% of Americans have cancelled their service due to a frustrating experience, 34% of Brits have done the same.
  2. The highest level of US service frustration comes from communication service providers (35%).
  3. In the UK, 32% of Brits found utility companies to be the most frustrating.
  4. Collectively, employed US survey participants reported burning 30.8 potential work hours dealing with service issues, Brits burned 25.8 hours
    • That’s an average $739.20 for Americans lost waiting instead of working
    • Brits lost £15 billion a year waiting, an individual loss of almost £500 per person.
  5. Americans are the most frustrated with waiting for the service rep (44%)
  6. 56% of UK residents agreed that being put on hold on the phone with the service rep is the most frustrating
  7. 71% of Americans say they would not pay anything more for VIP service or premium appointments.
  8. 72% of Americans have acted out because of their frustrations. Half demanded to speak to a supervisor, while a small percentage admittedly begged, lied or cried for better or faster service.
  9. 13% of Brits have been driven so crazy by poor service they have admitted to losing their cool and yelling at a service rep.
  10. What they want: 52% of U.S adults say companies can provide customers more frequent & exact estimated arrival times.

What can companies do to improve their services? Understanding the toll service quality takes on their business is the first step.


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