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10 Enterprise Mobility Tips For a Successful Mobile Project

10 Enterprise Mobility Tips For a Successful Mobile Project

10 Enterprise Mobility Tips For a Successful Mobile Project

May 9, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Rush hour here at the MobileFever and 2 more tips to complete our 10 Enterprise Mobility tips for a successful mobile implementation guide.

Enterprise Mobility is a complicated topic. Technology, blended with wireless communications, all mixed up with a lot of will to build a long term solution that will survive the changes every enterprise organization is going through and the technology trends.

Mission impossible?

Maybe, but by avoiding some common mistakes, you can minimize the risks.

And in this ninth part of the guide:

Mistake #9: Forgetting the big picture:

Ah… forgetting the big picture is one of my favorite ones.

A funny thing happens when switching from the evaluation to the implementation process. The scenarios, workflows and structured requirements that were all used to examine the different vendors, turn into detailed features and functional items to be implemented by the vendor.

Happens all the time if you ask me, even if you think it didn’t…

And when it does, it’s very easy to get lost in the endless lists of features. It may result in some perfect modules that are not properly tuned to work together with the rest of the product.

Few symptoms:

  • Different UI standards caused by the fact different teams built the different modules.
  • Different offline approach
  • Duplications of screens with minor changes
  • An application which was not properly tested using complete scenarios
  • A mobile module that runs perfectly in lab conditions but suffers from issues when used in field conditions.

And of course, there are more…

Tip#9: When testing the mobile application – do not only test features and modules. Test complete workflows, scenarios, used with wireless networks and real devices, in the actual working environment.

Make sure you include wireless networks, real architecture with real security configurations, and complete “day in a life” scenarios in your tests plans.


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