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10 common mobile implementations mistakes – Mistake #6

10 common mobile implementations mistakes – Mistake #6

10 common mobile implementations mistakes – Mistake #6

April 15, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Welcome back to the MobileFever’s mobile common mistakes marathon. Today we will review our sixth common mistake and try to solve it. As usual, check out our previous posts for the guide: 10 mistakes you should avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution

Mistake #6: Planning a tight project plan

Forget everything you know about projects timelines. Mobility is a complicated subject. It brings new variables to the equation such as connectivity tests, usability challenges, integration with multiple back-end systems and more.

As basic as it may sound, planning the mobile project to be done in one phase or in a too tight timeline is something that will risk the entire project.

It means you will not have a second chance to fix things, it means the implementation will be done quickly and dirty, which may work with a simple desktop client but will not work in mobility.

Project plan should include massive field testing, planned time to evaluate real user feedback, and time to fix and improve. From my experience, projects with 3-4 phases have the tendency to receive a higher satisfaction rate at the end. Even if the entire project take longer to fully rollout.

Tip#6: Plan a project with a few phases; enough testing time, and assign enough users in early phases to ensure you get the most feedback.


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