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10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Selecting and Deploying a Mobile Solution

April 6, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Mobility is a wonderful world that can bring a lot of benefits to your organization. Still, as many discovered already, a mobile project is different than any other project. It’s more complicated, the scope is large, it encapsulate few system functions into one solution, it involves field users, field conditions, portable devices, wireless communication – it’s different.

Next to the huge potential and value of mobile solutions lie many risks, and chances to make mistakes.

Following the great feedback from the Mobile10 session, we’ve decided to dedicate a new section here at the MobileFever for the common mobile mistakes many organizations are making, and that all of us should try and avoid.

To make things interesting, we will add a new tip (actually, one common mistake) every day in the next 2 weeks until we complete the 10 tips guide.

What shouldn’t you do when you build the project team, select the vendor, pick the mobile device, and of course during implementation. 10 common mistakes you can easily avoid when selecting and implementing a mobile solution.

Stay tuned because we are just about to begin!


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