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10 Common Mistakes in Mobile Projects – Mistake #2

April 8, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

About this guide:
10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Selecting and Deploying a Mobile Solution

Mistake #2: Being the first to try new technologies:

Mobile technologies come and go like the seasons. Grandiose promises are often forgotten without making any real impact.

It’s very easy to fall into this trap. In fact, many time the first people to fall into it are the technical experts in the organization that hurry to adopt new unproven technologies.

A good mobile solution does not have to include all the latest and greatest technologies. It should include the technologies that fit the business needs, and therefore should be evaluated based on requirements.

Tip#2: Try and avoid being the first reference of a new technology, else you may end up being the last…


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