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10 Common Mistakes in Mobile Projects – Mistake #1

10 Common Mistakes in Mobile Projects – Mistake #1

10 Common Mistakes in Mobile Projects – Mistake #1

April 7, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

About this guide:
10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Selecting and Deploying a Mobile Solution

OK, so as promised, the 10 common mistakes marathon begins and today we will focus on mistake number 1, the thing many organizations do without noticing, the thing that can cause problems and failures in many phases of the mobile project:

Mistake #1: Neglecting the Field Users

It’s very easy to forget about the field employees. After all, they are mostly out of the office and we are all familiar with the saying ‘out of sight, of mind’!

In many cases, the field users – the ones that will eventually be most affected by the solution – are excluded from the team that is responsible for evaluating and managing the mobile project.

Not only will they be the individuals most impacted by any mobile solution but they are also the people who know all the details and can give the most constructive feedback on what is actually happening in the field.

Tip #1: When establishing the team, make sure you include a strong representation from the field (not only the top performers). Include a mixture of age, experience, personality and people from different business units.

Make sure you have enough representation from the field, and not just top performers. Make sure they are part of the project planning, solutions evaluation, and implementation. Listen to their opinion and pay attention to their feedback. This will improve the performance of the team and also improve the field employees buy-in of the mobile solution.


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