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work order management

Work Order Management is an interactive front-office system that allows dispatchers, call center agents and other users to create, maintain and manage the important data contained in work orders. By issuing a work order in the front-office, work orders can be shared and viewed across teams of field workers.  This increased visibility lets field-based teams know exactly what’s required to successfully execute and close the work order, taking into account the customer’s preferences and the availability of resources.

I create and manage work orders in the front office so the field workers know exactly what is required of them on the job.

ClickSoftware’s work order management software allows dispatchers, call center agents and other users to create, maintain and manage important data contained in the work order.  By capturing this data in the work order in the front-office, the important information about the job can be shared with field workers for faster field-based response times. 

View on Mobile Devices

Transmit work orders directly to field workers for reduced implementation time, effort and costs.

No Data Duplication

Fully integrates with external CRM or ERP systems eliminating data duplications.

Consistent User Experience

Users never have to change screens using the same mobile workforce management platform.

Access Controls

Limit user access and visibility to the relevant objects. Users see and use only the information that they need to perform their role.

Minimal IT Deployment Effort

Reduce deployment effort, complex integrations, data duplication and maintenance on multiple systems.

Add Appointment Booking

Use the same service policies as ClickSoftware’s scheduling software for reliable, achievable results.

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