Why ClickSoftware for Field Service Management?
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Why ClickSoftware

Choose the Right Partner for Field Service Excellence

We are a company in the service of service.

Field service and workforce management are facing a transformation. In an increasingly connected, mobile, and customer-centric world, every service provider competes not just within their industry, but with every positive service interaction their customers have ever had. From Amazon to Zappos to Uber, customers expect seamless, transparent, responsive service—and to be helped in real-time.

Our mission is to enable our customers to deliver service that delights their customers, and to use service as a driver of customer engagement and revenue growth. The days of service being a necessary evil and a cost center are in the past. Service operations are now a critical business function with potential for supercharging revenue growth and strengthening customer loyalty. 

With industry-leading technology, unparalleled field service expertise, a truly global presence, and the largest market share, ClickSoftware is the ultimate partner in customer-focused service organizations that have real work to do.

Technology That Outpaces the Competition

Intelligent automation (our most powerful, unique differentiator) is deeply embedded in everything we do; allowing for optimized decisions and execution that will master every moment of the service chain:

  • Promise:  times to customers that are optimal for both customers and service providers
  • Allocate:  who will deliver, via what route, with what skills, parts, tools, to meet the SLA
  • Execute: while optimizing despite in-day dynamics of traffic, emergencies, duration
  • Engage: with the customer as the estimated arrival time for service is refined 

With ClickSoftware, a new order emerges as service moments are brilliantly organized into a cohesive picture. Our solutions are available in the cloud or on premises, and our service technology experts can help you bridge software and process in a way that makes your people more empowered and efficient. 

Effortlessly Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Every service experience is made up of a series of moments. From the call initiating service to measuring performance after the work is completed, every decision has an impact on the perceived quality of service that your customer receives. ClickSoftware’s goal is to exceed expectations by eliminating friction and frustration for both your techs and customers, from the moment a customer is told exactly when their tech will show up, to the moment the job is successfully completed and their tech pulls away.

Each decision in the service chain that leads to a positive outcome needs to be mastered; balancing customer service with cost and convenience to the business. 

With ClickSoftware you control every moment of the service delivery process, superbly orchestrated into a winning experience for your customers. 




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