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Visionaries in Enhancing Service 

ClickSoftware is a proven leader in automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions available on the cloud or on-premise.

Leading the Industry

ClickSoftware helps you to optimize the overall productivity of your workforce in the most efficient way possible. With over 20 years of experience and more than 900,000 person-hours in research and development, we are the biggest, most versatile solution company delivering a complete end-to-end mobile workforce solution that more than meets the vital needs of the field service industry. Our mobility solutions suite is the outcome of our persistence to evolve ahead of market demands and support a vision of growth for the next 25+ years. 
Founded in 1996 by the ‘guru’ of the industry, Prof. Moshe BenBassat
Traded over NasdaqGW: CKSW executing continuous growth year-on-year
A market leader in Field Service Management
Over 200 customers around the world in a wide variety of industries
Strategic partnerships with major enterprise and software consulting engineers (Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, SAP)
Through our clients businesses, 700 MILLION PEOPLE feel the touch of ClickSoftware
Enterprise-grade mobile AppStore with apps for any mobile device including smartphones and tablets

In the Beginning

In 1985, Prof. Moshe BenBassat received his first consultant job to help the Israeli Air Force build their annual schedule plan for squadrons. This may sound simple; however, many people had tried to automate this plan via a computer with no success for more than five years. Using his expertise in artificial intelligence and mathematics, an artificial scheduling model was produced and implemented, fulfilling the complex requirements that stumped so many before him. Prof. BenBassat used this same model in an oil and gas business in Spain, training facilities in Germany, and many other applications, until he finally generalized his theory with the W6 concept and switched to a product model.

Walking the Talk

In 1997, Prof. BenBassat founded ClickSoftware with the passion for optimizing decision support software. With his guidance and leadership, and proficient management teams, we wholeheartedly follow our mission statement to transform service to be a remarkable experience for customers, employees and organizations around the world. In our day-to-day operations, we are steered by our internal values that allow us to strive for excellence, stay flexible with a “Can Do” culture, and embrace a daring attitude that creates the next-generation of innovation the service industry can count on for future growth. Over the years, we have become experts; not just a software company, but rather the most awarded world experts in managing services and workforce.

ClickSoftware Today 

Today ClickSoftware offers a full range of mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions, all aimed at helping service organizations complete more calls per day, week, month, and year.

With our philosophy of Time is Not Just Money - Time is Freedom, we give our customers the freedom to re-engineer their available time which contributes most to their business goals.

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