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End-to-end Mobile Workforce Solutions

In the service world it is all about TIME, customer’s time and service resource’s time. Time management has been the focus of ClickSoftware since its inception. As a result, ClickSoftware has become the best time managers in the world, in the cloud or on-premise.

Turning Time into Opportunity

ClickSoftware incorporate best business practices and advanced decision-making algorithms into our Service Optimization Suite to manage the entire service operation with planning, execution and analytics. Through a structured methodology, we capture what the organization needs to accomplish and what they want to optimize. We take into consideration the fundamental question of job fulfillment: Who does What, for Whom, With what, Where and When.
Optimized decision making throughout the service management chain
Direct access to back office systems in real-time from any mobile handset
Real-time visibility of your entire business operation

The result is a powerful solution that combines all the business lines into one, complete workflow-oriented picture that can be used to organize, structure and shape the day’s activities and run your business in real-time. Once time and schedules are optimized, we then go far beyond that with the ability to proactively plan, schedule and manage exceptions.

Managing Time in Real-time

Daily challenges involve working with numerous disconnected pieces – customers, field service operators, contact centers, managers and investors, not to mention external factors such as the weather, price of gas, regulations, and more. ClickSoftware helps you stabilize all your competing vital business objectives to enable the most optimal, timely and synchronized processes in real-time. Our solutions efficiently manage time in:
Demand Forecasting
Resource Planning
Shift Planning
Scheduling & Dispatch
Field Execution with Mobile Workforce
Monitoring & Reporting
Performance Analysis

Through our solutions, any manager, technician or dispatcher, has access to the entire process at their fingertips 24/7 on their devices, handsets and tablets. Our real-time mobility solutions connect the field with the back-office and tie in directly with the workflow of the company.

Our commitment is to provide systems capable of transforming service to be a remarkable experience for your customers, employees and you, wherever you may operate.

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