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Certification Programs

The foundation of any process is knowledge and the key for having the required knowledge is having the right training, guidance and experience.

Because of the strategic importance that we see in assisting our partners to have the required knowledge, we are introducing the ClickSoftware Certification Plan. For every role required in implementing or maintaining a ClickSoftware implementation, this Certification Plan provides a list of courses and required experience needed in order to become certified. The entire certification path is accompanied by the mentoring and guidance of the ClickSoftware professional staff. Each role's certification path is based on ClickSoftware internal training paths. Our goal is to enable our partners with the same skills as ClickSoftware’s own implementation team.

So what does the partner get?

  • Assurance that the implementation team has the required skills for accomplishing the job and that they can perform their role independently
  • Partners points for ClickSoftware’s Partners Program

And what’s in it for the employee?

  • A higher level of personal capability and performance
  • Increased confidence in their job
  • Certification logo to add to the employee’s business card

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