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The Field Service Mandate

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments
  • Field Service as an engagement strategy: Respond with faster, more reliable, and more personal service.
  • Optimize the value of every interaction: Leverage customer data and social channels to create an experience that delights customers and solidifies brand loyalty.
  • Do more with less: Apply AI, automatic workflows, and mobile assistants to eliminate every moment of inefficiency.
  • Operationalize data: Convert data into actions intelligently and automatically to make it more consumable and available to mitigate and eliminate ‘fires’ in the field.
  • Shift from reactive to predictive: Proactively plan to address service requirements: resource capacity planning optimizes the service chain by identifying the right workforce size and skill mix, available at the right times. And the value of enabling technologies like IoT increases in the context of responsive workforce scheduling.


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