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Merging Consumer Mobile Experience Field Service Needs

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

Consumers are used to working in a variety of applications, each totally disconnect from each other. However, as these same users are placed in a work context as members of your field workforce, the most effective and efficient field service must place the right information in the hands of the field service professional at just the moment the information is needed. Standing in front of the customer without complete information on the work is not helpful and can lead to customer frustrations. But a great customer experience actually offers sufficient information about the customer and the customer’s needs to enable a frictionless, and remarkable customer experience. Without it, it’s just another service visit at best.

Likewise, in the context of most service visits there is a need for supplementary information and communication about the work as the field service professional onsite visit progresses, such as availability of parts, helpers, additional assets, or documentation about the problem or asset. Many companies still rely on phone calls, which are both inefficient and require stoppage of work. Until augmented reality and wearables become the norm, communication which requires the interruption of work will continue to eat at productivity and the customer’s end experience.

Often the most painful and inefficient part of a service visit is never seen by the customer or the service organization until well after the job is done. This is the job completion process, which consumes the time of every field service professional, and usually is looked at as such an annoyance that the information is either incomplete, inaccurate, or both. The result is the need for additional auditing, or correction and completion during future visits – warranting a cry from the customer, “I gave you that information previously to another employee in your company. Don’t you share?” This is the epitome of the old way of doing customer service that is being eclipsed by service leaders in every industry.


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