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Integrated Shift Planning & Task Management

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

Service leaders have learned that shift planning and task management each have to be done effectively. However, equally important is the ability to integrate the two in real-time. As shifts are updated according to worker availability, sending that information to the people who make decisions about what work is done during each shift ensures that these decisions are practical, and that the daily schedule can be optimized to ensure maximum customer responsiveness and productivity – all with minimal disruption to operational activities.

ClickSoftware uniquely offers service organizations the ability to optimize (automatically or assisted) shift planning, to ensure that the right personnel are working the right shifts based upon forecasted demand, skills, availability, tenure, availability, and other organizational policies. This provides a complete solution for shift planning, enabling best practice workflows for shift swapping, vacation management, and even views of planned working hours and colleagues via Samsung and Apple smart watches.

As an independent shift management solution able to integrate with a broad array of enterprise applications, ClickSoftware is used by companies from a wide range of industries including transportation, social services, and public safety. ClickSoftware takes care of the routine shift planning activities, highlighting the areas requiring attention due to lack of resources, requests for shift changes, and peaking demands. Company policies are enforced through pre-configured workflows, ensuring scalability of the process and, in turn, the organization.

ClickSoftware leverages more than two decades of innovation in field service, innovation, and artificial intelligence to combine optimized shift planning and optimized task scheduling within those shifts to maximize the effectiveness of every service interaction. Going beyond the expectations of industries that are used to working shifts, now these companies can effectively manage the time within those shifts to ensure that right things get done, at the right positions, and time. Likewise, those industries which have much experience in managing the daily schedule, can quickly identify field service professionals who can take overtime shifts, fill-in for other workers, or handle additional time before becoming fatigued. Utilities, capital equipment companies, facilities management, and other industries remove wasted time and iterations typical of operations with disparate shift planning and schedule optimization.


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