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Critical Needs and Value of Optimized Resource Capacity Planning

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

Achieving an optimized solution for the dilemmas faced during resource capacity planning requires a higher level of sophistication than ever: both in determining the right level of demand through workload forecasting, and in allocating the right resources at the right time and in the right place to optimize the actual work as it arrives. Choosing the right technology can play a key role in digitizing the process and enabling collaboration, but the biggest challenge is in aligning the bi-directional sharing of service policies and processes with decisions made during planning and with those made during scheduling, dispatch, and daily schedule management.

As service leaders in the ClickSoftware Community have shown, achieving alignment and an optimized process, even while starting months before the day of service, is possible, and the benefits to the organization are substantial.

  • Earlier and greater predictability of the impact of service on the balance sheet.
  • The right level of hiring with sufficient time to train on the right topics.
  • Identification of areas of the business (time, geography, skills) which can be addressed by a service partner or contractor.
  • Increased value of schedule optimization by having a workforce that matches the demand (right time, place, equipment, skills, parts).
  • Reduced number of incidents, and reduced impact of those incidents in the field, when surprises do occur, due to intelligent simulation.


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