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Daunting but Solvable Challenges in Workforce Mobility

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

These challenges, along with the typical difficulties in deploying new technology, and the rapid pace with which mobility is changing are daunting. ClickSoftware’s partnership and solutions for workforce mobility uniquely provide a solution that meets the most challenging needs of today, while built on a platform of mobile innovation that will support your organization’s direction for the future.

ClickSoftware’s workforce mobility solution for field service provides role and industry-specific functionality, to which limitless capabilities can be added. The product supports HTML5 and Windows™ platforms for service, field sales, employee reporting, or management. ClickSoftware’s Mobility Studio enables rapid creation of user forms, download of ready-to-use components, and development tools empowering companies to quickly deploy new functionality to any of its business audiences. From the service worker to a field supervisor, a shift-based employee or service executive, and from a smart phone to a tablet or laptop, ClickMobile provides a single mobile solution for any enterprise worker.

Capabilities in ClickSoftware’s workforce mobility solution include job dispatch and wizard-driven completion based on pre-defined workflows and mandatory information – automatically capturing any details that don’t have to be entered manually by the field service professional. Timesheets and parts consumption are automatically tracked based on the needs of the job, so the timeliness and accuracy of this information is maximized – while the cost of gathering the information is minimized.

Other capabilities including safety checklists and panic buttons, resource radars which show available help, parts, or equipment, and direct communication with dispatchers and others in the field ensure that every moment of every interaction is safe, efficient, and effective. The end result is a customer that is satisfied faster, and a field service professional that can focus on a personalized experience as your company’s brand ambassador – the most customer-facing person in your organization.


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