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Work Order Management Software & System

Delivering the mobile workforce management platform of the future

Successful service chain optimization enables service organizations to increase resource efficiency, productivity, and utilization while reducing costs and enhancing the customers’ experiences. While scheduling and mobility play a crucial role in this, much other information is required in making optimal decisions: work orders; parts management; customers; entitlement; assets; and much more.
Often, this information is held in external CRM and ERP systems requiring extensive systems integration for this to be utilized in than optimized decision-making process.

This is no longer the case, because this is where ClickSoftware’s Work Order Management System enters the picture. Typically the complexity of service organizations requires employees to handle multiple systems to perform even the simplest tasks, negatively affecting operations by delaying responses to customer requests while increasing the time and cost of service. ClickSoftware addresses this issue by enabling users to easily configure the system so that relevant information is accessible through a single solution – the ClickSoftware ServiceOptimization Suite.

The Work Order Management Module extends the breadth and depth of the core ServiceOptimization Suite to deliver the mobile workforce management platform of the future.

Features | Benefits

Work Order Management Features

  • Easy System Configuration – Define and configure objects that are relevant to the business encompassing objects such as scheduling; crew management; crew teaming; customers; entitlement; active work orders; historic work orders; parts and other associated work order items; customers' locations; asset data; asset maintenance records; and unlimited other definable business objects.

  • Access Control – Limit user access and visibility to the relevant objects. Users see and use only the information that they need to perform their role.

  • Full Suite Integration – The Work Order Management System is native and an integral part of the ServiceOptimization Suite. There is no code to write, just sit back, and configure this to match the business’s needs.

  • End-to-End Process – Everything is maintained and managed in the one mobile workforce management platform meaning that a work order is created, scheduled, responded to in the field and closed all using the same system. There is no need to involve outside systems.

  • Consistent User Experience – Users never have to change screens because the end-to-end process is using the same mobile workforce management platform, giving users a consistent, reliable, and fully understandable working environment.

  • External Systems Integration – The Work Order Management Module does not have to replace existing ERP and CRM systems. Full integration with these systems is available, meaning there is no need to duplicate any data.

The Benefits of Work Order System

  • Reduced Operating Costs by ensuring customers receive the correct level of service they are entitled to; matching the correct parts to a work order noting availability and location; optimizing appointments and response times; communicating quickly and accurately with field resources and customers and ensuring asset lifetime is maximized through prompt maintenance.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience by communicating the correct information and setting the right level of expectation with the customer, while keeping them informed of progress and changes.

  • Increased Operational Visibility by having all information, data, and progress tracked and visible within the one mobile workforce management platform.

  • Minimal IT Deployment Effort by having the Work Order Management Software as an integral part of the ServiceOptimization Suite, reducing deployment effort, complex integrations, data duplication and maintenance on multiple systems.

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Create work orders without the need to integrate with CRM or ERP


"Ultimately the organizations that attain long term success in the industry, will be the ones that have the processes and technologies in place to better manage their staff and ClickSoftware has gone a long way in helping us achieve that goal."

– Jason Howie, KinCare