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Mobile Workforce Management Scheduling Software Solutions

Optimized workforce scheduling systems to the best interest of the organization and the customer 

When it comes to resource scheduling software solutions, the lifeblood of any service organization is its ability to successfully address the varied needs of its customers. Performance on the day of service is critical. But just as critical is how the customer's request or issue is handled behind the scenes from the moment the call is received by a customer service representative. This is where mobile workforce scheduling systems by ClickSoftware can help.

ClickSchedule, with its intelligent appointment scheduling software can:

  • Ensure that your commitments to your customer can be supported by the service operations
  • Optimize the schedule on the day of service to maintain most of the previously planned schedule
  • Manage unexpected events and suggest changes to the schedule to accommodate real-time situations while still maintaining optimal service levels
  • Find the right balance in order to execute the high priority jobs with routine maintenance jobs – making certain that the low priority work still gets done, while ensuring operations efficiency

Applications such as CRM and ERP systems, while necessary components in a service organization, are data processing mechanisms only. They cannot facilitate field service scheduling decisions that will ultimately be in the best interests of both the customer and the service organization. Service organizations need to take their service solutions one step further. Resource scheduling systems with optimization technology simultaneously consider numerous strategic and operational constraints when optimizing mobile workforce management scheduling. As such, a good resource scheduling software can consistently ensure that the best resource with the right skills and the right tools gets to the customer at the right time to achieve your goals.

“We are delighted to continue to work with ClickSoftware. We started with improving scheduling efficiencies around meter-reading and expanded that out to cover meter operations. Recently we started looking for a solution that could handle the challenge of scheduling our field sales teams. Our successful partnership with ClickSoftware made it a natural solution. Using a single platform for managing our field resources within the Customers function will mean we can leverage all of our resources in the future to deliver improved customer service.” – EDF Energy

By managing the service delivery process from start to finish, ClickSchedule ensures that customer problems are handled efficiently on the day of service with proper mobile workforce scheduling systems. The end result is a more effective field force; with the proper information, in the proper place, at the proper time. In addition, the data used for business analytics and forecasting is improved.

ClickSchedule mobile workforce scheduling software is available via a web interface. Based on state-of the-art technology, the ClickSchedule web client supports various types of field service scheduling solutions for users such as dispatchers, field supervisors, and contrators' dispatchers, all of whom can remotely access key ClickSoftware functionality. 

"ClickSchedule gives us a single point of reference for scheduling operations…We now have one repository that lets us schedule jobs in order of importance."

– Steve Brooks, Business Analyst ETSA Utilities

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