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ClickSchedule Overview

ClickSchedule is specifically designed for the field service industry. It enables service organization executives to define the balance between the conflicting forces of service operations efficiencies, customer satisfaction, field resource satisfaction and revenue considerations.

ClickSchedule supports different business processes which often start with resource capacity planning and/or shift planning. These processes are supported by ClickPlan and ClickRoster  accordingly. ClickSchedule:

  • Continually optimizes the schedule throughout the day to ensure that all jobs and resources are optimally matched, even with changing specific service demands during the day
  • Provides an automatic scheduling service that creates the most satisfying schedule, while providing the dispatcher the necessary tools to support the unexpected events that are typical for any service organization

By being part of our workforce management optimization, ClickSchedule service scheduling software takes resource capacity and shift plans from ClickPlan and ClickRoster, and feeds schedule information to ClickMobile and ClickAnalyze.

Features and  Benefits

“ClickSchedule automates and simplifies the scheduling process so we ensure our field agents are as productive as possible, whether troubleshooting computer problems or delivering home theaters or appliances. ClickSchedule has the capacity to grow with us, playing an indispensable role in our long-term strategy.” – Best Buy

“ClickSchedule scored way above its competitors for dealing with emergency situations. It was also a system that we could trust and grow with the business to improve customer service, increase sales and reduce costs. An added bonus was its capability to exploit and integrate with some of the latest technologies like real-time GPS; this demonstrated to us that it was a system for the future.” - Scotia Gas Networks

Improve Effeciencies in Scheduling


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