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Workforce Planning Software

Resource capacity planning is one of the key success factors in a service organization. If you achieve the right number of resources with the right skills in a given location, you will provide top-notch service at a low cost. However, capacity planning is also one of those areas where miscalculations can lead to big problems for a service organization. The consequences of poor resource capacity planning on the day of service can be very costly. Poor resource capacity planning leads to high overtime costs, low utilization, and missed SLAs.

Accurate capacity planning can:

  • Improve an organization's customer service levels while effectively utilizing its budget and resources.
  • Ensure that the organization has just enough resources with the right skills in a given territory at the right time to provide maximal demand coverage and resource utilization at minimal cost to the organization

ClickPlan is designed with the specific challenges of field service resource capacity planning in mind. As a result, ClickPlan helps service organizations create effective capacity plans and lays the groundwork for proper shift planning, the next link in the service chain.

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